Released 19th January 1998

recorded 1996-97, Producer: Manfred Eicher


Nils Petter Molvaer: trumpet, electric guitar, bass guitar, percussion, samples
Eivind Aarset: electric guitar, effects, ambient treatments
Ulf W. Ø. Holand: samples
Morten Mølster: electric guitar
Roger Ludvigsen: acoustic guitar, percussion, dulcimer
Rune Arnesen: drums
Reidar Skar: samples, keyboards


  1. Khmer
  2. Tløn
  3. Access / Song Of Sand 1
  4. On Stream
  5. Platonic Years
  6. Phum
  7. Song Of Sand 2
  8. Exit

Bonus tracks on limited 2-CD version:

  1. Song Of Sand (Single Edit)
  2. Platonic Years (DJ Fjørd Mix)
  3. Tløn (Dance Mix – Mental Overdrive)
  4. Song Of Sand II (Coastal Warning Mix)


Song Of Sand II

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