Recoloured – The Remix Album

Released 11th May 2001


  1. Merciful (Herbert’s We Mix)
  2. Dead Indeed (Jan Bang’s 7:00 AM Mix)
  3. Solid Ether (Underlying Love Mix By Joakim Lone)
  4. Vilderness (Cinematic Orchestra Mix)
  5. Vilderness (Chilluminati Mix)
  6. Ligotage (Phonoversion)
  7. Kakonita (Deathprod Mix)
  8. Dead Indeed (Tunnel Mix By Mind Over MIDI)
  9. Ligotage (TeeBee Mix)
  10. Solid Ether (Funkstörung Mix)
  11. Dead Indeed (Pascal Gabriel Mix)
  12. Merciful/Ligotage (Incunabula Mix By Bill Laswell)

Vilderness [Chilluminati Mix]

Ligotage [Teebee Remix]

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