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“Some albums are “good”, “great” even, but you don’t return to them that often. Other albums, like Nordub, a new release featuring drummer Sly Dunbar and bassist Robbie Shakespeare, get right under your skin”. More

“On “Nordub”, Grammy-winning Reggae legends Sly & Robbie team up with Norwegian Jazz innovator Nils Petter Molvaer to create a unique sound panorama, spanning the colorful atmospheres of Norwegian Jazz and the energetic grooves of Jamaica. Together with Eivind Aarset on guitars and Vladislav Delay on electronics, this is a band of musical soulmates, beyond all boundaries of genre. During a first tour in 2016 they received worldwide attention for their new project. Yet, the successful as innovative project just came together by sheer good fortune: Even though they had liked each other’s music for years, it was a coincidence that Mark van den Bergh – a friend of Sly & Robbie – ran into Nils Petter Molvaer at Java Jazz Festival.” More

The rhythms remain solid throughout the album but their shape and place in the mix fluctuates, How Long for instance has the most old skool dub sound, with thick, slightly vague bass and even a bit of singing over the top but when the plaintiff trumpet comes in it jolts you out of the comfort zone. Then you notice the strange sounds nibbling away at the periphery of the mix, these enrich the overall picture and the effects across the board get heavier as the piece comes to an end. Strange Bright Crowd is reminiscent of earlier Sly and Robbie work but the context is so different that you soon get distracted by the new vibe. More

Their cooperation has been taking place since 2015, when . The fans of these musicians were immediately attracted by the concert and got just a glimpse on the new musical possibilities that this collaboration could bring. A few years later and here we are, the album “Nordub” have seen the light of the day, or better say the night, because apart from dealing with the unexplored and dark terrain, it is also colored by the dark, Norwegian atmosphere. At the same time, the warmth of the Jamaican touch can be felt, from which a perfectly pleasant and unexpected fusion is obtained. If anyone is aware of the possibilities that dub music offers, then it’s Sly & Robbie, who once again denied all those who think that dub and reggae genres limit creativity.More

Was für eine Combo! Das Dub-Duo aus Kingston und die norwegischen Jazz-Reformer kollaborieren mit einem der interessantesten Experimentalelektroniker Finnlands. Wer genau die zündende Idee zu dieser außergewöhnlichen Zusammenarbeit hatte, lässt sich nur noch schwer ausmachen, denn bereits im Juli 2015 feierte das Quintett in dieser Besetzung Live-Premiere im Londoner Barbican Centre. »Selten klang die Verbindung unterschiedlicher Stile so natürlich, so naheliegend«, befanden damals nicht nur hochnäsige Jazzkritiker. Mehr

Manche künstlerische Zusammenarbeit liest sich bereits auf dem Papier zu schön, um wahr zu sein. Diese Musik-Ehe scheint im Himmel geschlossen worden zu sein. Mit Sly & Robbie und Nils Petter Molvaer treffen die karibischen Kollabo-Weltmeister auf den nordischen Kollabo-König. Beide Acts schmecken normalerweise so verschieden wie Rum und Aquavit; doch beide sind hochprozentig. Ihr gemeinsames Baby “Nordub” verbindet Gegensätze zum psychedelischen Klang-Abenteuer. Mehr

«Nordub» er rett og slett blitt en nydelig plate, hvor de to Jamaicanerne høres ut til å trives godt sammen med «nordboerne». Det blir aldri slik som ofte skjer i andre prosjekter, hvor «nordboere» skal prøve å nærme seg fremmede og eksotiske stemninger, at de litt for ofte mislykkes fordi man ikke har kulturen under huden. Her passer alt perfekt sammen. Musikerne spiller strålende hele veien, og «Nordub» er blitt et helstøpt album som roper på en haug med varmegrader og en sommer fylt av stekende sol. Jan Granlie

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